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Do you have a child who needs help with school, but you’re unsure of how to help them? Do you feel like every time you try, it ends up making matters worse? Does your child know the material, but performs poorly on tests?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, I can help!

Hi! My name is Beth Geoffroy, and I offer weekly scheduled online tutoring as well as occasional as-needed online homework help to students in elementary through high school. I am a former certified teacher, now full-time tutor, and I’m ready to help YOU!

What does My Tutoring Bee offer?

What is My Tutoring Bee all About?

Glad you asked.
"I build a custom-made curriculum starting at a level that's comfortable..."

My Tutoring Bee is all about helping students strive for success. Math can be a tough subject for many students. But what a lot of people who think they are "bad at math" don't realize, is that they are very likely missing some key building blocks necessary to be successful with math.

It's not just about getting the answers to the problems correct. It's about understanding the concepts and linking them to our every day lives.

Math requires a strong foundation. Building blocks must be stacked in just the right way in order to support upper level skills. That's why I do an assessment for every new student and find out what their strengths and weaknesses are. Then, I build a custom-made curriculum starting at a level that's comfortable which we can build upon moving forward.

  • perfectly tailored curriculum

  • helping parents help their kids

  • teacher created resources

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