September 21, 2014

My Services

Please read below to find the tutoring subject you are interested in.

General Elementary Tutoring (all subjects):

I was an elementary school teacher (2nd & 3rd grade) for 5 years. I graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education in 2006. Additionally, for more than 5 years, I worked for a private tutoring company after school and on weekends, working with primarily elementary students in all subject areas. Prior to teaching, I spent my Junior and Senior Internships in grades Kindergarten, 5th, and 2nd. I also volunteered in a Pre-Kindergarten class over a span of 8 years while I was in high school and in college. After leaving the classroom, I began 1:1 private tutoring on my own in May of 2012 and have built my full-time business working with many students from grades K – 5th!

Math Tutoring (grades K – 9th)

Math is my primary focus as a tutor. I work with students of all ages, but primarily focus on grades 3 – 8. Math looks very new and different these days to both students and parents. Many of my friends and family members come to me for advice on how to solve problems in the way that the program wants them to. I can definitely help with that, as well as teach students critical thinking skills for problem-solving. Please visit my YouTube channel to see all of the amazing math tutorial videos that I’ve created! It’s been a passion project of mine for some time now!

Prealgebra Tutoring

Pre-Algebra can be a confusing and frustrating subject for some students. I try to break down the steps and apply a “real-world” approach to learning not only HOW but WHY we need algebra. I feel that if students have a deeper understanding of number sense and critical thinking, then Algebra comes a lot easier to them. This approach has helped many of my students in the past. Most times, students just need a little extra practice and one-on-one coaching in order to become successful on their own.

Algebra 1 Tutoring

I have good experience with algebra and have helped many students understand the process. Many times students just need additional practice in order to become proficient. Other times, students need an explanation of “why.” I can provide help for both of those needs.

Reading Tutoring

Although I am primarily a math tutor, I do offer Reading tutoring for elementary students as well. Reading involves a lot of different components that all need to work together in order for a student to become a “good reader.” When phonics and decoding skills are weak, it makes comprehension 10 times as difficult. No matter what age a student is, if there are “holes” in the foundation, reading will be more of a challenge. My approach is to begin with the most basic needs a student has and work up from there. If you feel that your learner is severely behind (2 grade-levels or more) and/or needs a more intensive reading program, I invite you to visit either of my friends and colleagues: Ashley from Your Reading Tutor or Victoria from My Brain Builders Online Tutoring. However, if you are looking for general support with classroom & homework reading assignments, I’m happy to help you!

Special Needs:

I have worked with many students with various needs both academically and emotionally. As a former classroom teacher, many of my students came to school with a wide variety of needs and varying degrees of need in all subject areas. Many of the students I work with experience difficulties in school related to ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia/Dyscalculia/Dysgraphia, and other learning disabilities. To me, I don’t see these as “disabilities” but rather, a different way of processing information. One-on-one tutoring provides an outstanding benefit in that I am able to differentiate my instruction to meet those needs. As a tutor, I am able to focus my attention on one student at a time and adjust my teaching style, pace, and material for each specific student.

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