A New Twist on Number Expressions – Part 2

You may recall my previous post about this new interactive math wall I put up back in February. I had a few students who participated and here are the results!



I really like how some students went with a similar format that I did (like when I used parenthesis, word problem form, etc.) and sometimes they just went with what they knew!


I bet you can find the post-its from the student who just learned that multiplication of 1 by any number was that same number!


It was surprisingly difficult for many of my students to not ANSWER their own problem. I had to have several of them rewrite their expression only, and not write it as an equation.


It brought about a lot of questions from my students like, “What does product mean?”, “What are those things?” – asking about parenthesis, and, “You wear size 9!?!?”


My favorite moment during this experiment was when one of my girls (who always tells me I look 10 years younger than I really am – she gets brownie points) tried solving the “My Age” card. She multiplied instead of divided and got 140! I quickly put on my old lady voice and said, “Does that answer make sense to you, missy? Back in my day, this symbol meant divide!!!” It was pretty hilarious, and I think, a good lesson in always asking yourself if your answer is REASONABLE!


Hope you enjoyed this! Now on to a new math wall for next year!

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