This just in: You need a new math game!

Need A Great Math Game? I’ve Got Some For You!   Happy shopping! Go Pigs! A Fraction-Based Card Game – created by one of my very own students! (And, YES! She was compensated and gave me express permission to sell her game!) Compete against others in the classic “Go Fish” game style and create WHOLES Read more about This just in: You need a new math game![…]

6th Grade Math Spiral Review

Hi, friends! I’ve just created a new 6th Grade Math Spiral Review resource for you and have placed it in my store! Help your students keep skills fresh with this 6th grade Common Core Spiral Math Review! Each page features math problems from each of the 5 domains: Ratios and Proportions, The Number System, Expressions Read more about 6th Grade Math Spiral Review[…]

Easy DIY Math Games!

Make Math fun with games! So many of my math students look forward to the last few minutes of our lessons, not because they want it to be over (right?!?) but because they know we get to play games! Now, I don’t know if you guys know this or not, but teachers do not make Read more about Easy DIY Math Games![…]

Spring Break Strategies

So, what are you doing for spring break? Hi again friends! Well, here we are – the first day of Spring Break here in Central Texas. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and your kids…are home…with you…all day…for the entire week…so, what are you doing for spring break?   A lot of parents Read more about Spring Break Strategies[…]

A New Twist on Number Expressions – Part 2

You may recall my previous post about this new interactive math wall I put up back in February. I had a few students who participated and here are the results!   I really like how some students went with a similar format that I did (like when I used parenthesis, word problem form, etc.) and Read more about A New Twist on Number Expressions – Part 2[…]

A new twist on number expressions

I recently found a great pin on Pinterest about how some teachers got their students to come up with different ways to write expressions. I loved the idea, so I made my own! For each category I have created a number expression to show my age, the number of brothers I have, the year I Read more about A new twist on number expressions[…]

Creative kids

Summertime is my favorite time of year! I used to say this because it was when I got a much needed break after a long and tough school year – but now, my busiest months are June through August and I love every minute of it! I love it so much because it’s usually the time when Read more about Creative kids[…]

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