Order of Operations for Back to School!

What is the basic order of operations? The rules for order of operations are the backbone of multi-step problems. They are the pirate’s treasure map that tell you what to do first, second, third, and so on to get to “X” marks the spot! Without this unifying set of rules, we would have ALL SORTS Read more about Order of Operations for Back to School![…]

Pythagorean Theorem

Never argue with a 90° triangle…It’s always RIGHT! What is Pythagorean Theorem anyway and when do we use it in REAL life? Pythagorean Theorem is EVERYWHERE because RIGHT TRIANGLES are everywhere! This theorem is thought to have been developed by Pythagoras of Samos – however, this is somewhat controversial. Pythagoras never kept a written account Read more about Pythagorean Theorem[…]

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