This just in: You need a new math game!

Need A Great Math Game? I’ve Got Some For You!


Happy shopping!

Go Pigs! A Fraction-Based Card Game – created by one of my very own students! (And, YES! She was compensated and gave me express permission to sell her game!) Compete against others in the classic “Go Fish” game style and create WHOLES out of fraction cards. 




Integer Climb and Dive – Will you climb to the top of the mountain or dive to the bottom of the sea to win this addition and subtraction of integers game? Featuring my very own artwork! Just look at that adorable goat!



Angle Wars – It’s my BEST SELLER! Race to the finish by measuring and drawing angles to complete your circle! I love this game because it’s easy to set up – you just need two 10-sided dice, a protractor, a pencil, and two colored pencils.




Multiplication Baseball – Practice 1 – 12 multiplication facts with this baseball themed game. Players take turns playing innings in order to score runs! Watch out for Outs and Strikes! Yet another student-inspired game.




Check out my 6th-Grade 12-week spiral review! This review covers all of the 6th-grade common core standards, and features a basic skill problem and word problem on every page for every standard! There is even a FREEBIE so you can try before you buy!

Want to make some math games of your own? Check out my post all about DIY Math Games – Easy to make at home!

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