Summer 2017!

Summer tutoring is the perfect way to avoid “Summer Slide” I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “If you don’t use it, you lose it!” and that’s exactly what Summer Slide is. As a former teacher, I could always tell which students did some practice over the summer months, and which ones did not. Students can Read more about Summer 2017![…]

Common Core and the People Who Hate It.

What is Common Core, anyway? I’ve had an interesting dynamic of commenters on one of my math videos that I posted 3 years ago (April 2014). This video teaches how to do the “Big 7 Division” method, which is an alternative method to the traditional long division algorithm.  If you’re not familiar with this method, Read more about Common Core and the People Who Hate It.[…]

5 Study Strategies that Work! (Even when you HATE studying)

Study Strategies that stop Test Anxiety in its Tracks Uh-oh…It’s that moment. We’ve all been there before. You just realized you have a test tomorrow. Are you ready? Here are some study strategies that can help you become the best test taker ever! I won’t spend a lot of time lecturing about keeping your notes, Read more about 5 Study Strategies that Work! (Even when you HATE studying)[…]

Easy DIY Math Games!

Make Math fun with games! So many of my math students look forward to the last few minutes of our lessons, not because they want it to be over (right?!?) but because they know we get to play games! Now, I don’t know if you guys know this or not, but teachers do not make Read more about Easy DIY Math Games![…]

Spring Break Strategies

So, what are you doing for spring break? Hi again friends! Well, here we are – the first day of Spring Break here in Central Texas. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and your kids…are home…with you…all day…for the entire week…so, what are you doing for spring break?   A lot of parents Read more about Spring Break Strategies[…]

Spelling Tips and Strategies

I’ve been working with one particular student lately who just has a hard time with spelling. And trust me, I. Get. It! The struggle is real. I can’t tell you about the countless Thursday nights I stayed up as a child crying and spelling, crying and spelling in preparation for the following day’s spelling test. “Why do Read more about Spelling Tips and Strategies[…]


I’m so excited to have my new tutoring website up and running! I plan on sharing my math videos, educational tips and tricks, and all things tutoring in Central Texas. If you haven’t already, please join me on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube! I’d love to get some feed back from my audience. So tell Read more about Welcome![…]

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